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Alliance of Beauty


Ukrainian production in accordance with European standards – this is Alliance of Beauty (www.capris.com.ua)!

The Alliance of Beauty company launched its cosmetic production facility in 2007 in Kiev oblast. The company outlined its main goal from the very first days – it is DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH QUALITY BODY CARE PRODUCTS (cosmetics) and HOME CARE PRODUCTS (household chemicals)!

The company continuously fought for the quality.

Thus, in 2011 Alliance of Beauty successfully implemented the European Quality Management System ISO 9001

The same year Alliance of Beauty successfully mastered and implemented the Standard ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

And recently, in 2015 the company obtained a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificate, confirming the compliance with the EU production standards (see the certificate). 

Also, in 2015 our company was recognized by European experts of the ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute), Italy, Bologna, and obtained a certificate of organic care products for home TM ORGANIC CONTROL (see the certificate).

As we can see, thanks to the efforts of Ukrainian specialists, for the very short time the cosmetics production company has transferred to the Alliance of Beauty Pharmaceutical Science Research Center!

The Alliance of Beauty Pharmaceutical Science Research Center has not only European production, but its own scientific research laboratory, a modern microbiology laboratory and highly conscientious staff, who takes care of the high quality of the products!!!

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 Tavria VБрусниця
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