Organic Control

The first organic detergents in Ukraine

Organic Control

It is for the first time when TM ORGANIC CONTROL produces its ORGANICdetergents in Ukraine. The quality of these products is guaranteed by Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute “ICEA”, Italy, Bologna(www.icea.info).

For more information about “ICEA” please see the article: ICEA, Italy – European guarantor of safety

Through the hard work and high quality standards, the “Alliance of Beauty” specialists managed to fulfill all the requirements of European experts for the production of safe and effective organic products. We are the first company in Ukraine who has successfully passed all the stages of inspections and obtained an organic certificate for home care products from «ICEA». These certificates confirm that the products from our new line of the TM ORGANIC CONTROL detergents are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.

 Alliance of Beauty

Pharmaceutical Research Center «Alliance of Beauty» – is the only one Ukrainian manufacturer producing TM ORGANIC CONTROL products, which was recognized by ICEA experts in the field of environmentally friendly products(see the certificate) .

“ICEA” is a recognized expert in the organic and environmentally friendly products production control. The company operates in 24 countries all over the world. Given the high standards and strict requirements, only 14 500 companies have ICEA certificates.

The “ICEA” Institute is accredited internationally and it is equivalent to the most reliable certification centers in Europe.

124You can easily find our products on store shelves, as they have a special sign of «ICEA» certificate, and each product has its own unique code.

The only products bearing the mark of the certification body and unique number are truly original, organic and safe!

For more information about the products requirements please follow the link: Features of the organic products of TM ORGANIC CONTROL

At the same time, prices for our products are more attractive than for the imported ones, therefore, our products are affordable to all segments of buyers.

If you want to use the real organic products, you need to make sure that they have a correspondent certificate available. This is the first thing that prevents you from buying fake and from disappointment with the quality of organic products.

using detergent

Using the conventional detergents may cause allergies, burns, heartbeat and breathing problems, and make damage to the skin.

By choosing environmentally friendly products you not only take care of your health and the health of your family, but you also take care of the environment.


The real organic cleaning products are as effective as the chemical detergents, and they are much better in many respects. First of all this is human security and respect for the environment.

You can find more information about our products in the CATALOG.


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