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ICEA, Italy - European guarantor of safety

Keeping up with the times, or standards of the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA), Bologna, Italy

It’s not a secret, that today the environmental protection and production of environmentally friendly products is a priority for many companies. A lot of companies state with confidence that their products have the organic origin and are absolutely safe. But is it so and who is the guarantor in this field?

All the products that are organic and safe to use must have a certificate, confirming this fact. The Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute «ICEA» is a guarantor of safety and issues corresponding certificates.

ICEA is the one of the largest certification authorities in Europe, specializing in organic certification.

The Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA) protects the rights of consumers by controlling and certifying different companies, which operate in organic industry.

Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA) in collaboration with Italian Association for Organic Agriculture developed and established standards for organic and environmentally friendly products.


ICEA certifications cover organic food production and organic aquaculture, organic cosmetics and detergents, ecological textile, ecologic furnishing, materials for eco-building, sustainable management of green areas. The institute has established itself as a reputable authority, locally and internationally. ICEA employs approximately 250 technical specialists and has its offices in 24 countries around the world. The standards and conditions for obtaining a certificate are very strict. There are only 14,500 companies around the world who have this certificate.

Therefore, when you buy products marked with this certificate, you can be absolutely sure that they are ecologically clean and safe for you and your family!


ICEAThe certificates are issued individually for each product, as each formula is independently tested and assigned with unique registration number.

Only products bearing the mark of the certification body and unique number are original, hence, organic and safe!


Product requirements for ICEA: standards:


The ready product formula must pass the independent testing confirming its safety for human health arrow
The end product must be safe to the environmentbci-ognljsc1
The end product must pass an independent testing and confirm its effectivenessarroweffectiveness-proved
The product has special ingredients and packagingarrow
The production must comply with European rules and regulations (GMP Certificate) Production should not have a negative impact on the environmentarrow



The procedure of companies testing is rather complicated and performed following special regulations. If the company does not meet at least one requirement, it will not obtain the certificate.

The specialists of the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute are always open for communication with consumers: both complaints and positive feedback will be considered before issuing the certificate. In case of any violation ICEA reserves the right to withdraw the particular product from the market and inform the consumers about it. Besides, the consumers can always read the criteria, standards and requirements for certified products. ICEA operates according to the documents and regulations, which can be found at its official website: http://www.icea.info/

Products certified by ICEA are 100% clean and safe.

“Alliance of Beauty” is the only company in Ukraine, obtained «ICEA» certificate for detergents

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The purpose of ICEA activity is not only initial inspection, evaluation and certification of the products, but also the follow-up and control. This is what makes ICEA standards worthy of respect and trust of consumers.

Ethical and environmental friendliness – the choice is yours!



Giving your preference to the production certified in accordance with the ICEA ECO BIO criterions, the consumer makes a reasonable choice of goods as well as the environmental future, because this certificate represents clean technology, sparing both human health and the health of the planet.


This is a very brief description of the standards, but even this is enough to understand that if you make the right choice of the product today, you invest in a safe and healthy tomorrow!

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