Organic Control

Features of the organic products of TM Organic Control

(Product requirements from IСEA, Italy)

1. The process of creating recipes must pass under the full supervision of the independent European experts of the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA), including basic criteria such as:

– all the components used in formula must be safe for human health

The final formula of the product must pass the independent tests proving its safety for human health (for additional information please go to: Safe for your health, ТМ ORGANIC CONTROL products ).




– all the components used in the formula must have a minimal impact on the environment (aquatic toxicity)

The final formula of the product must pass a supplementary test for the environmental safety (for additional information please ge to: Safe to Environment, ТМ ORGANIC CONTROL products)




– all the formula ingredients must be obtained either from the plant raw materials, provided that the production process of obtaining these ingredients does not harm the environment, or from the raw animal material, provided that no animal suffered for the production of these ingredients (certified in accordance with the EU Regulation 834/07)

– the entire formulation must contain at least 95% natural ingredients



– the raw materials can’t be exposed to X-radiation

– each component must have a maximum purity degree, and the admitted impurities may not exceed a certain percentage

– the components of the product can be only of organic origin without GMO (in accordance with the European Union Regulation 834/07 or other international rules, for example, NOP, JAS, COR, etc.).

– it is forbidden to use strong acids and other aggressive agents (The list of prohibited ingredients for organic products, ICEA standard specifications)

Besides, the formula has the following restrictions:
– it cannot contain the ingredients, which may cause irritation when inhaled (classified as R 42)
– it may contain no more than 0.3% of substances with a potential for provoking skin irritations (classified as R 43)





– all the formulas of organic products must pass the tests conducted by a qualified laboratory, and demonstrate its effectiveness in comparison with the similar products, which have leading positions on the market (for more information please go to: ТМ ORGANIC CONTROL products efficiency)

2. Packaging requirements:

– it is necessary to use only recyclable and inert vials, that don’t release any compounds, hazardous to human health or environment

– it is prohibited to use PVC (polyvinyl chloride)



– all the packaging materials must be evaluated and approved by the Technical Commission and the Certification Authority (ICEA)

– the vials have to be maximally filled with a product, and the manufacturer has to provide at the market, when applicable, the “fillers” of the product for repeated use of the vials

– abandon secondary packaging, when possible

– it is strongly recommended to use spray or dosing systems from a mono material. The metals presence violates the requirements for the proper recycling

3. Labeling requirements:

– the formula composition must be absolutely clear: all the components of formulation must be indicated (on the language of International Nomenclature of Chemical Ingredients) without any abridgments, and with complete transcript

– the label must contain the certification mark and the reference number of the certificate of conformance

ICEAThe separate certificates are issued for each product, each formula is assigned with a unique registration number.

– the information on the label must be accurate and clearly formulated, it must not mislead the consumers

4. Production requirements:

– in the production process it is important to keep careful attitude to resources and apply rational management of waste. The production process shouldn’t have negative impact to the environment

– the production should be organized in a way when the persistent high-quality product can be guaranteed

This is only a brief description of the standard requirements, for more information please visit the official ICEA website(www.icea.info)

The specialists of the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute are always open for communication with the consumers: both complaints and positive feedback will be considered before issuing the certificate.

The procedure of companies testing is rather complicated and performed following special regulations. If the company does not meet at least one requirement, it will not obtain the certificate.

The ICEA experts regularly visit the manufacturer’s production site to check the quality of products and the conditions of production.

The certificate for the products is issued for one year only. The manufacturer has to confirm compliance of the product to the organic standards every year!

Pharmaceutical Research Center «Alliance of Beauty» is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of the TM ORGANIC CONTROL production, which has an ORGANIC certificate for its detergents and was recognized by ICEA experts in the field of environmentally friendly products.

Organic Control

Normative references:

  • Act 136 of 04/26/83 EU
  • Act 8 07/86 EU
  • Regulation CE 1980/2000, the Commission decision with respect to calculation of CDVtox (critical dilution volume)
  • Regulation CE 834/07 and 889/08, Resolution CE and the successive changes and additions
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