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Safe to the environment

Cleanness is the guarantee of health!

We sincerely believe in these words, but each of us understands the meaning of cleanliness in a different way.

The cult of cleaning. During this “ceremony” we don’t even think that the household chemicals products that we use to facilitate our work leave much more dangerous components on the surfaces than an ordinary household dust!

Among our most dangerous enemies are formaldehyde, borates, phosphates, chlorine and other components of the standard household chemicals recipe. But the effectiveness of a cleaning agent is very closely associated with these components!

Do the ends justify the means?

When we remove dirt from the surfaces, we do not even think that we pollute our home with new, completely different kind of “chemical dirt”, often more dangerous for health and environment, than ordinary dust.

The residues of many aggressive chemicals are difficult to remove from some surfaces, such as dishes and clothes, bed linen. As a result, some of them get into human body either through the skin or go directly into stomach with the meal. Just think, how much time most of the surface of our skin is in contact with the washed clothes and chemical residues, left there after washing?

For 24 hours! It is the clothes that we wear, and linen, and towels, etc.

It means that if your clothes are poorly rinsed, your skin is exposed to the dangerous components of detergents every day and every second!

It is very important to choose detergents with safe formula components, for example, such as TM ORGANIC CONTROL products!


This is only one side of your home and body ecosystems violation by the household chemical products. But look out of the window! Each year millions of hectares of fertile soil turn into lifeless deserts, lakes and rivers become rotting swamps. Our “faithful cleaning helpers” are constantly changing the landscape of our planet, and it can only be stopped by YOU!

Remember, that aggressive household chemicals don’t naturally decompose 100%.

As a result, today you just washed your dishes and clothes, but tomorrow it will turn out to be a serious problem for your family!


organic control

The TM ORGANIC CONTROL products from Alliance of Beauty are produced on a totally different principle, they are safe for health and safe to environment!
Our products have been recognized by ICEA European experts in the field of organic production, and each product has an ICEA organic certificate for detergents. 



Organic products bring only benefit to mankind and nature, so its production should not cause harm to the environment, as it often happens with production of the other products.

Only environmentally friendly raw materials used in the manufacturing.

The only organic raw materials, grown in a natural way in ecologically clean areas can be used in the production process. The origin of the raw materials is checked by inspector during certification. In addition, the materials must have their own certificate. (For more information please go to: Features of the organic products of ТМ ORGANIC CONTROL)


There also exists a list of the ingredients that are strictly forbidden to use in the organic formulas.

There is a list of the components that can be partially used, but only in very small doses.ICEA

Compliance with these conditions is continuously monitored by experts of ICEA, Italy!

Also, each component of the recipe is tested by scientists of the ICEA Institute, Italy on the degree of bioavailability, i.e. on the ability to decompose in the environment without harming the nature!

And finally, the finished product formula is thoroughly studied by the experts of ICEA Institute, Italy and the organic certificate can be received only if none of the formula components determined to be dangerous to the ecosystem of our planet!

One simple principle underlies the organic production, and it is the environmental friendliness.

Production should use the technologies, that don’t pollute air and water, don’t emit noxious fumes, and don’t have hazardous waste products. In order to obtain the organic certificate it is not only the product that has to be checked, but also the production technology. If the technology does not meet the regulations of certification center, the certificate will not be issued.

The waste products are to be either naturally decomposed, or utilized in accordance with the established procedure, without harm to the environment.

The TM ORGANIC CONTROL products from Alliance of Beauty have passed all the tests and fully comply with all the European requirements, including requirements for organic products. Please follow the link to see our ICEA certificates.

You can find more information about standards and requirements to detergents on the website of ICEA certification center (icea.info)

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