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How to wash children`s clothes and what detergent to use?


Washing children’s clothes with the Organic Control. The process of washing children’s clothes takes an important role in the daily life of a young mother. Since children’s clothes get dirty very quickly it becomes a daily laundry, and many mothers attach little importance to this procedure, repeatedly ignoring its basic rules.


стирка детских вещейThe correct approach in washing children’s clothes is very important if we are talking about baby’s health. Badly washed clothes may still contain remaining germs, or even worse – allergens and toxins, which may cause allergy reactions or various diseases after contacting sensitive baby’s skin.          

This is why it is very important to know the main principles of washing children’s clothes, and which detergents to use for that. Unfortunately, many parents don’t attach importance to this issue, from day to day ignoring its basic rules.  

When you follow the right procedure of washing children’s clothes, first of all you care about your child’s health. 

The first rule to remember: you have to store and wash your clothes and the clothes of your children separately. It is a question of hygiene: adults have their own germs, which may adversely affect the physical well-being of a baby.

Another important moment is thorough rinsing. The baby linen and diapers have to be rinsed very well, otherwise remaining on the fabrics residues of the washing powder or soap may cause irritation on a baby’s skin.

And now let’s go to the most important question: which laundry detergent to choose. All the mothers should know that when it comes to washing the baby’s clothes, they need to use a special powder or gel detergent, intended for kids. But not every mother knows what ingredients such detergent has to contain to make it efficient and safe to use.

Many laundry detergents for kids’ clothes contain hazardous chemicals, and a lot of mothers don’t even know what adverse health effects these detergents may cause. Very few of them pay attention to the label with the list of ingredients on the back of the detergents but look only at the bright front label. But they should! Because it is exactly the composition of the detergent that may help you to understand whether it’s safe or not for your baby.

The problem is that the regular laundry detergents for kids’ clothes may contain in their formula so-called surface-active reagents (SAR), which act as a poison, causing various disturbances of vital processes in the body of a child. These reagents dissolve dirt on the clothes, but for the little babies, in contrast with the adults, SAR are very toxic. If we are talking about kids’ laundry detergent, there shouldn’t be any fragrances or bright colors, phosphates, bleachers, and it has to contain only natural ingredients.

But what laundry detergent should be used for washing kids’ clothes? Lately, mothers started using more and more organic products, which are absolutely safe for babies’ health. In this connection the Pharmaceutical Research and Development Center “Alliance of Beauty” developed the first in Ukraine organic detergents line TM “Organic Control”.

The universal organic baby laundry detergent Organic Control contains only natural components, it doesn’t cause irritation or allergy, and it’s absolutely safe for the kids of any age, even for the newborns. The manufacturing chemists of the Alliance of Beauty company developed a special formula of the laundry detergent, which works great even in a cold water and doesn’t contain any bleachers or SARs.

When you buy a baby laundry detergent, it is very important to pay attention to the quality certificate of the product. The only products, which have passed an ecological certification, can be considered as organic.

All the TM Organic Control products have passed the certification of the ICEA Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute, Italy, and it means that all the ingredients of our detergents are organic and that there is no GMO in our products.

When choosing a laundry detergent for your child it is important to remember – you care about your child’s health.The universal organic baby laundry detergent Organic Control is a great help for many mothers. It does not harm the human body and provides full comfort and safety to your baby!

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