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Efficiency test of Organic Control baby laundry detergent


Our babies and laundry.

While your baby grows and examines the world, spots on the clothes are just part and parcel of this process. To remove these spots and to give the clothes fresh look you will need safe and effective detergents. An important quality of baby laundry detergent is not only effectiveness, but also safety. No matter how hard you rinse, part of detergent remains on fabric after washing, and sometimes it can even cause allergic reactions.But how can we know if it is safe to wash baby’s clothes with some detergent, if it’s even called “Household Chemicals”? 
“Alliance of Beauty” has developed the most safe baby laundry detergent! Its safety is guaranteed by Italian Institute ICEA, which conducted tests on the volunteers and authorized the use of our baby laundry detergent for washing children’s clothes from the first days of life!
So, going back to the myths and truths about the liquid detergents. There is an opinion, that all the organic products have poor efficiency, so we decided to carry out an experiment in order to show the effectiveness of the organic control detergent!
By the way, if you want, you can run this experiment at home and share your experience and photos “before” and “after” at our website!
We have stated at the label that our detergent perfectly copes with all kinds of fruit stains, so let’s see if it’s true.
1. For a start, we have decorated a new baby cotton bib with several frozen cherries.
2. Cherries were literally melting, impregnating clothes with its juice. To speed up the process, we squashed a cherry with a glass cup.
3. We felt that was not enough, so we’ve added a little bit of carrot apple puree by rubbing it across the surface.

4. The baby bib was left for a few hours.
5. Then we divided the bib into two symbolic halves and applied ORGANIC CONTROL baby laundry detergent on one part, left it for 20 minutes and then washed. The other half was left untouched.

We could see the result immediately after applying the detergent – the stains started fading, and the red pigment disappeared. After about 20-25 minutes the stains were completely gone. It was very interesting to observe this process.

6. Then we washed away the ORGANIC CONTROL detergent with water and washed the baby bib in the washing machine without any detergents at a temperature of 30°C.
Here is the result.

 We are looking forward to your comments and photos of your experiments with ORGANIC CONTROL production.

Sincerely yours, “Alliance of Beauty”

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