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The use of organic detergents in the kindergartens and schools


The use of organic detergents in the kindergartens and schools

(an overview of what is currently used and the importance of using organic detergents).

 It is very important to keep the children’s institutions clean. Keeping the child care environment clean, using the modern detergents, is one of the best ways to help ensure that children stay healthy. European consumers started choosing the organic detergents long time ago, as safe and effective ones.

Why organic?

Because it not only helps you to keep the facilities clean, but it’s also safe for the kids. As is known, chemical detergents contain the following:


  • aggressive chemicals;
  • strong acids;
  • preservatives and anti-bacterial agents;
  • synthetic fragrances and dyes;
  • Genetically Modified Organisms;
  • chlorine, formaldehyde, etc.

May these detergents be good for the kids’ health? Definitely not. They may cause allergic reactions, malaise, rash, dizziness. And don’t forget about the caring nannies, who repeatedly wipe all the surfaces in playrooms, and then an unpleasant smell stays in the room for hours.

Children are forced to breathe it. That is why Europeans switched to the organic detergents that are good at cleaning and safe for kids.

European children’s institutions have switched to the use of organic cleaning products primarily due to children’s health concern.

The organic detergents used in kindergartens, schools, children’s institutions and hospitals. The effectiveness of these detergents has repeatedly proved. There are almost no large children’s institutions in Austria, where the chemical detergents would be still in use.

How to use the organic detergents?

WashingUsing regular detergents on baby’s clothes may cause rashes and irritations on the tender babies’ skin. Besides, strong flavor of these powders irritates the nasal mucosa. Switching to organic products will eliminate these problems.
Cleaning the play roomsThe organic detergents for the floors, walls, working areas etc. don’t leave unpleasant smell and don’t have aggressive chemicals. You may enter the room right after cleaning, there is no need to wait for the room aeration.
Cleaning the toilets and bathroomsThe organic detergents are the same good in cleaning the “problematic areas”, as the regular detergents, but they are much more safe in use.
Cleaning the housekeeping areasThe organic detergents are used for cleaning at the kitchens, laundry rooms, in the housekeeping areas.
DishwashingSome dishwashing detergents remain on the plaits even after 20 times of rinsing. Do you think if anyone is going to rinse the dishes 20 times in the kindergartens?


Therefore, within the framework of government programs and the various social projects the children’s institutions regularly purchase environmentally friendly certificated organic products for cleaning their premises. The certificate of compliance with environmental standards is a prerequisite of purchase and is a guarantee of compliance with the stated quality of the organic product.

The most popular organic brands are HG (Netherlands), PierPaoli «Ecosi», «Folia», «Ekos», «Talybe casa» etc.

Each of these brands has a certificate of compliance with the environmental standards.

“Alliance of Beauty” ORGANIC CONTROL products have become a worthy analogue of these brands in Ukraine.

All the products are certified according to the international standards, they are safe and can be used in children’s institutions.

Create a real, secure cleanness for children, choose organic products for cleaning!

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